Samantha Babin

Samantha Babin (BINF’10) chose the informatics program after two years of biology studies. She discovered that with a degree in bioinformatics, she could combine her love for technology and biology.

Throughout her years in informatics, Babin learned a variety of skills including programming, project management, requirements management and leadership skills. One of the courses she enjoyed the most was the community outreach class, where she learned how to work in teams for real clients.

“Having the ability to successfully lead a project from start to finish is a valuable skill,” Babin asserts. She adds, “this course not only grew my personal and professional skills but also helped out the community.”

Babin completed three co-op work terms and she believes mandatory co-op is one of the most positive aspects of the program. She says it allows students to put these skills to use in real life situations, making them more desirable to employers when upon graduation. “Everyone I graduated with has found a job in the field, ” she confirms.

How informatics helped her

Babin works at a digital development house called BITS in Halifax. She uses the communications skills learned in the informatics program working with clients. Moreover, the technical skills she gained throughout the informatics program have served as a foundation for her to grow in the web development field, which is an area she enjoys.