Max Long, a bearded white man in a suit and tie.

Since graduating what has your career path looked like? 

Since graduating, I have spent my career at the Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC). My career path started as a student intern where I worked as a quality assurance officer. After finishing my MPA, I was offered a full-time permanent position as a program evaluator in the same department. In Spring 2022, I accepted the position of senior internal auditor.

I owe my ability to quickly climb the metaphorical corporate ladder to Dalhousie’s MPA program. The work we did and lessons we learned in the program are extremely relevant to work I now do every day in government. To put it simply: the MPA and its amazing faculty helped turn me into the public servant I am today.

Looking at your career so far, what mindset has helped you excel?

Never saying no to a cup of coffee. Maintain an open mind and network as much as possible with people around you. When I say network, I do not mean just professionally, but getting to know the people around you and building meaningful relationships with them. It was this mindset (or mantra) that got me my full-time position in the federal government. During a cup of coffee with a colleague I learned about a position, applied, and was successful!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced during your career and how did you overcome it?

Learning a second language (a requirement for many federal government positions). Although I am still working towards achieving this goal, my time at Dalhousie taught me that hard work pays off and maintaining a positive outlook does wonders for overcoming challenges. Also, my colleagues at the PSC are very supportive and always eager to help me practice!

What advice would you give to current students who are attending Dalhousie?

I would highly recommend they enjoy their time at Dalhousie and take advantage of the amazing faculty throughout the campus. Dalhousie is full of individuals who are eager to help you reach your full potential. I was sure to make connections with not only my classmates, but faculty and administration too. The lessons I learned from these individuals have greatly impacted my ability to operate in my professional and personal life. Remember: never say no to a cup of coffee!