David-Gardner, BSc (Earth Sciences)'06


Current Role: Exploration Geologist, Shell Canada.

Grad Year: 2006

Degree: Earth Sciences

Nickname: No. Not one that I can tell you.

Dalhousie Alumni Association: Why did you decide to attend Dal?

David Gardner: After doing a campus visit, I decided that the school was the best fit for me. It was a happy medium size, coming from New Brunswick. It was one of the top ES programs in the country. Shell recruits ES grads from Queen’s, U of A, U of C and Dal.

DAA: Where did you live while you were at Dal?

DG: Oxford and Allan Street was the most memorable place, because it was full of geologists and there were tons of parties!

DAA: Where could you be found most often on campus while you were at Dal?

DG: In the Pit (the geology lounge in the LSC) or in the Killam Library.

DAA: Favourite place to study while at Dal?

DG: The Killam was the quietest. They have an awesome music archive on the 4th floor too.

DAA: What was your biggest distraction while you were at Dal?

DG: Halifax, nightlife and girls. I bought the Foosball table which we chained down in the Pit – I played a lot!

DAA: What was your favourite cafeteria food on campus?

DG: I ate at the LSC. The poutine was awful but adequate.

DAA: What is your favourite Dalhousie memory?

DG: A field trip with 30 classmates, instructors and TAs to Southern California. We camped through Death Valley and the Sierra Nevada for three weeks. It was awesome.

DAA: How did your Dal experience prepare you for your current role?

DG: We recruit heavily at Dal. The ES Department is well rounded. Dal gives a great foundation and knowledge base and teaches the ability to think outside the box about problems and solutions.

DAA: What do you see as the best thing about being a Dal alum?

DG: My continuing friendships with other Dal alumni, two of whom are at Shell! Also, getting to go back to Halifax when I interview students at Dal. The school has a great reputation. It will help you in your career.

Dalhousie Alumni Association: Do you have any current connection with the school?

David Gardner: Yes, in a big way. I do the recruiting for the GeoScience group at Dalhousie! Shell donates $600,000 every three years to Dal, which is split between the Geology and Engineering Departments. The funding goes towards student projects and facility upgrades, field trips and research. We believe it really helps their programs to be the best. I continue to be a member of the Dawson Geologic Society, which pre-dates the Student Union Building!

DAA: Do you have any words of wisdom for current Dal students – something you wish you had known when you were a student?

DG: Life is a balance. Do well in school, but enjoy your time there – experience the community and what it has to offer. I played club soccer while I was there with the Halifax metro league. I also played guitar with my pals and roomies.