Erin Goodman poses in her Dal 200 hoodie at her cottage

Through the year, we offered a free Dalhousie 200th anniversary decal as a meaningful way for alumni to show and share their Dal pride in the run-up to, and during, our 200th anniversary year. Over 1,300 alumni ordered a decal for their window or car – with some proudly sharing the evidence by tagging us in their social media posts!

As we approached 1,000 orders, we ran a contest to celebrate the 1,000th alumnus to request their Dal 200 decal. Erin Goodman (BA’02) was the lucky winner and recipient of a prize package of Dal 200 swag. We asked Erin to share her thoughts with us on what Dal’s 200th anniversary means to her and she happily obliged.

Dal Alumni: What emotions will you feel as you place your decal on your window?

Erin Goodman: I’ll be very pleased and proud to display my Dal decal! It’s an exciting year to be an alumna. I love reminiscing about my experiences as an undergrad in the English department, scratching my journalism itch writing for the Gazette, and working as a Residence Advisor at O’Brien Hall back when it was a co-ed residence for Dal, Dal Tech and NSCAD students.

DA: What does Dalhousie’s 200th anniversary mean to you?

EG: Dalhousie’s 200 years certainly puts my 15th graduation anniversary this year into perspective! I’m very proud to have attended an institution with such an impressive history.

DA: Will you share with us a little bit about where you are now?

EG: I currently live in Ottawa with my spouse. I work for the federal government in Strategic Communications, providing issues management support on programs and benefits for children, families and seniors. In my time off during the summer I spend as much time as possible in the Outaouais region of Quebec, at the cottage with a good book. Recently I’ve attempted to embrace the long Ottawa winters by learning to downhill ski.

DA: What words of advice can you share with students today?

EG: Don’t compare yourself to everyone else. You’re on your own timeline and finding your way to a meaningful career will take as long as it takes. When I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English, I followed my passion for reading into a post-graduate book and magazine publishing program. Working in the book publishing industry ultimately led me to the world of government communications and I am proud to have recently celebrated my tenth year of public service.

Erin Goodman poses in her Dal 200 hoodie at her cottageDA: You’re now living in Ottawa. How do you connect back to your Dalhousie experiences and stay connected to the Dalhousie of today?

EG: I’m still in touch with many of the friends I made at Dalhousie so many years ago, and we make a point of trying to get together as often as we can even though we’re spread out all over the country. I enjoy the print edition of the Dal Magazine, especially the cover stories and artwork. I also follow the Dal Instagram and Snapchat, it’s so fun to see what’s happening on campus in real time, especially [at the] time of year with all of the graduation ceremonies and open house activities.

Thank you to Erin for her thoughtful responses. We look forward to meeting you in Ottawa during Dalhousie Coast to Coast! With more than 130,000 alumni worldwide, Dalhousie’s bicentennial anniversary is a tremendous opportunity to celebrate those who have made Dalhousie what it is today – especially our strong and diverse alumni community. Fill out the 200th decal request form by the end of 2017 to receive yours just in time for 2018!