Founder and Managing Director, BOLDMOVES CHINA

Cindy has held diverse positions from coast to coast and continent to continent since graduating from the commerce program. She spent 10 years working with Frito-Lay in Vancouver before making an industry jump to work with Telus Mobility. In 2002, Cindy and her husband decided to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities in China. Empower Women is a consulting agency that works with companies primarily in the automotive and IT sectors, and also with organizations that promote women in leadership and executive coaching. Cindy volunteers with multiple organizations based in China and in Canada: she is co-president of Viva, a women’s networking group; she serves on the board of Canadian charity Educating Girls in Rural China; and she works with the Canada/China Business Council. She also represents Dalhousie in the Canadian Alumni Network and works extensively to keep Dalhousie graduates connected.