International Student & Alumni Relations Coordinator, Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University

Lokiy, originally from Jining City in China’s Shandong Province, researched universities worldwide but in the end only applied to one, Dalhousie. As VP external of the Commerce Society, she worked to organize charity events such as the Inside Ride–Halifax, which raised $26,000 for Camp Goodtime and the IWK Foundation. For her achievements, Lokiy was awarded one of the university’s Board of Governor Awards and a Certificate of Achievement for Student Leadership by the Rowe School of Business. In her role with the Faculty of Management, Lokiy works closely with prospective and current international students to support them in their academic and career success, in collaboration with the International Student Success Program and Management Career Services. She is also building relationships with our international alumni. To support these activities and increase the School’s online presence in the Chinese community, Lokiy will be developing and managing Mandarin social media channels.